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Welcome to TackleNappy.com

A website by dads for dads

frothiesIt is about two years since the idea for TackleNappy.com came to the two of us. My own dad was very ill and my wife was pregnant, Bucky had a one year old and five year old, these were very busy times.

We both realised over a frothy, or was that ten frothies, that there was nothing online for Aussie dads or prospective dads that could shed any light around what we were both going through. Bucky the experienced dad and me the not so sure soon to be dad.

We decided that we would show more initiative than the Melbourne footy club game plan and create a site for all Aussie dads. A place where dads could share experiences and find out what other dads are going through. We thought of our own dads and they became the inspirations for our site. In many ways we are trying to deliver a website for the average bloke, with an added sporting reference here and there, and hopefully have a laugh along the way.

What we say is based on our experiences as dads, none of this patronizing, psychological, philosophising you're gonna get elsewhere and that has gotta count for something. We might not always be brilliant but we hope to be average – just average blokes talking about average dads stuff. So grab yourself a tinny, place the other hand on your mouse and hover away all over our site.

Welcome to TackleNappy.com

Chubba and Bucky

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This website is dedicated to our dads! Without them we would not be the young, successful, know-it-alls we are today!

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