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  • 2013 Dad of the Year Nominee: Shannon

    "Shannon now helps with the housework, cooked me a delicious dinner tonight (I still had to do the dishes, but hey, you can't have everything!), spends hours playing with Mia, taking her for walks, bathing her, going on "Daddy dates" to the cafe and shops and, most amazingly, on Thursday afternoons, whilst I am at work, he takes her to her ballet class!!"- Nicole

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a parent? You need to experience walking through the door after a day at work to have you 4 year old squealing and doing a happy dance, just because you are home. Then the kids fight over your attention and don’t leave you alone until bed time.

(Warning soppy stuff - Do not read if you are a blokey bloke)



New Wheels from Attipas Australia Featured

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I was a summer baby, born early evening on a stinking hot day. I had a head full of black hair and soon after, a nappy full of meconium. Of course, I was a gorgeous baby, but that goes without saying. Given it was such a hot summer I probably never wore anything on my cute little feet until a few months later when the weather took a turn southwards. I don't specifically recall wearing booty's but of course if I did they would have been damn stylish...that's just the kind of kid I was. My earliest memory of even caring about shoes goes back over thirty years when mum took me to the local shops to buy me shoes for my cousin's wedding. I stuck my heels in, pun intended, and refused to agree to any of the shoe offerings my patient mum suggested. In the end mum ended up buying a brown pair of shoes that from memory looked kinda shit, but back then I'm sure they were all the rage. My other early memories stem back to the days when I would wear through my Dunlop runners in a matter of weeks. Typically, the rubber sole that ran the length of the show would come loose where it wrapped up the front of shoe. It was a pet hate of mums and I never really knew whether she blamed me for dragging my feet, or whether she was cursing the makers for producing crap quality wheels. It always ended with dad, who's always been very handy, sticking the sole back on with araldite. Only my dad could make something stronger than it was when it left the shop.

Tacklenappy.com Dad of the Year!

To be tacklenappy’s Dad of the Year 2014 you don’t need to be a celebrity, have won a gold medal at the Commonweath Games or found some missing genome or taken any peptides (especially not BH90210) *Sadly the same joke from last year.  You only have to be an average dad that has impressed his wife or partner with his “daddying” skills throughout the year.

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